Our MDP stage box are fully customizable on request, to meet the specific needs of each customer in terms of audio protocol, number of inputs and outputs, connectors, layouts, logos, etc.

Due to the high grade of customization for all DGlink products, we highlight some standard basic solutions which can be configured and expanded to provide the right answer for your needs.
A versatile solution for digital and analog connection is based around our ADD, 19” rack module. This model features a reliable AC power supply module, designed to work in the most demanding live situations. Furthermore, for redundant power supply, there’s a choice between external DC, by AC transformer, and our own professional DC battery pack.
The analog section, thanks to internal ADC8 and DAC8 cards modularity, can be configured up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs. The analog signals implementation is totally customizable, allowing the user to choose between XLR, sub-D 25 pin or LK input and output connectors, and the output signals can split .
The ADD works in digital domain with 24-bit resolution and sampling frequencies up to 96kHz and can host two proprietary digital audio boards complying with Dante, EtherSound or MADI protocols. The user can flexibly manage the analog outputs signals, addressing them to the digital boards as well as to the analog output section. Each digital board can simultaneously manage up to 64 channels, with a very small latency and fully complying to both protocols, even during protocol conversion!

The factory settings include the MAC address, number of I/O analog channels, slot settings for audio modules. Therefore for any hardware mod, the unit must be sent to Link authorized maintenance centers.
In order to allow the user to access to needed parameters, we supply our proprietary software free of charge, with each unit. The connection to the computer is via a standard ethernet port, and all the parameters are shown in your pc monitor.
The windows o.s. user settings include: settings for the analog signal (gain, +48V phantom power and pad), TCP/IP, output routing and clock. For our MADI boards the user can set also the sample rate, while for Dante and Ethersound these settings are available by specific software.
Furthermore we have developed an iPad app featuring gain, +48V phantom power and pad settings for the analog signal; this app can simultaneously manage up to 8 units.