Our MINI stage boxes are fully customizable on request, to meet the specific needs of each customer in terms of audio protocol, number of inputs and outputs, connectors, layouts, logos, etc.

A smart modular solution for digital and analog connection is our MINI, 19” rack module.

The analog section, thanks to internal ADC8 and DAC8 cards modularity, can be configured up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs. The analog signals management is totally customizable, allowing the user to choose between XLR, sub-D 25 pin or LK input and output connectors. Following several sound engineers request, we designed the dual HA (Head Amps) option allowing to set different gains for the same input analog signal for two different destinations (e. g. FoH console and stage console or broadcasting).

The MINI works in the digital domain 24-bit resolution and sampling frequencies up to 96kHz and hosts one Dante Brooklyn II digital audio board.

In order to allow the user to access to needed parameters, we supply our proprietary software with all the units, free of charge. The connection to the computer is via the PRIMARY Dante port, and all the parameters are shown in your pc monitor.

We have developed a Windows and iPad app featuring gain, +48V phantom power and pad settings for the analog signal. The user can simultaneously manage up to 8 DGlink units.

This model features a redundant power supply module, with internal or external power supply even by battery.