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In order to apply MultiNetwork Optical Backbone technology to our philosophy of maximum versatility, fulfilling any need of professional customers and to maintain the best value, we provide our solutions in different 19” rack cases, housing  upgradable systems starting from 4 modules.

To avoid any real world inconvenience and to guarantee the maximum reliability, each model is provided with a low-noise fan, and the default redundant power supplies can be chosen between a.c. and d.c., internal and external.
The result is an extremely versatile solution, specially designed to meet each customer’s peculiar professional needs, including broadcasters, and his tasks.



Our MultiNetwork Optical Backbone modules can manage every optical network in a totally independent way and without interferences, offering also great operating convenience compared to discrete networks. In order to answer to most demanding requests and purposes, we can also supply a redundant optical connection. 

bullet points:

  • 4, 8, 16 or 18 optical modules networks solutions
  • Long distance coverage, up to 120km, of multiple signals on a O/F
  • Several type of signals supported: Dante, AES, DVB-ASI , 3Gbps/HD/SD, MADI, Ethernet, etc.
  • Modules are bi-directional: e.g. can be used in either direction, allowing some channels in one direction and other channels in opposite direction
  • Customers configurable to suit any need of signal conversion to optic transport

Very reliable rack case housing with redundant, internal or external, power supply