As already explained, our main aim is to manufacture custom items for every need, so the BASIC solution showed and explained here is just one of our very first products.

This solution has been customized for a live application with 4 networks: formed by 4 DANTE ports, together with 4 DMX and 4 LAN ports. All the networks merged into the 19” 2U housing, were processed to achieve a single tunneled protocol by encapsulating different payload protocols.
In this way, an optical backbone cable carries up to 10Gb data, needed for the event, issued by different units and with different protocols.

To allow any emergency fast operation during an event, in this case the network connections are on unit front panel:
RING IN – This connector carries all the networked signals tunneled on this unit backbone.
4 DANTE PRI – These connectors carry Dante Primary signals, up to 256 complying to Dante format for each RJ45 connector.
4 DANTE SEC – These connectors carry Dante Secondary signals, up to 256 complying to Dante format for each RJ45 connector.
4 DMX/ACN – These connectors carry DMX/ANC lighting multiplexed signals.
4 LAN – These connectors carry LAN signals, each up to 1Gb.
RING OUT – This connector can work in two ways: as the redundant networked signals of RING IN or as the daisy chain topology for further MultiNetwork Optical Backbone devices.

The front panel features also LEDs for networks status, as well as power supply PS1 and PS2 status LEDs.

The rear panel includes the fan and two sockets for redundant power supplies. We can produce internal and 19” external power supply, based on AC mains or our DC battery packs.
For detailed information about the customization of your system, please check the FAQ or contact us: