Due to the needed high quality of audio, video, data and control signals, number of channels and low latency needs, Audio over Ethernet is a critical topic for most of the network switchers. In fact, Audio over Ethernet systems require a high bit rate and minimum latency (less than 10 milliseconds), so it’s necessary to use a dedicated LAN (Local Area Network) or VLAN (Virtual LAN), overprovisioning and/or QoS (Quality of Service) features. Being aware that to be reliable the switch must perfectly suit Layer 3 protocols, our Redundant Rugged Switch line was created the highest performance requirements, in which we choose the third party switches chosen after tough and prolonged tour grade tests.  So we’re proud to supply to audio industry and professionals switches nearly free from problems like low throughput, dropped packets, bit errors, jitter, out-of-order delivery and with very low latency.

Our Switches are housed in sturdy 19” cases, with redundant power supplies and include LEDs indicating the activity. These solutions can manage primary and secondary ports and are totally compatible with the stringent Dante and AVB standards.