We can satisfy any customer networking needs, using optical or copper ports, we can customize our HW models integrating the RJ45 Neutrik® etherCON connectors with Neutrik® opticalCON DUO and QUAD, SC, LC, LKG or Expanded Beam LK optical connectors. The use of such connectors allows the creation of very versatile switches, with the opportunity to carry also AVB protocol data. To give the best value to our modules, we can assemble single-mode or multi-mode transports, both allowing communication up to 120 kilometres, with no fail or data loss.
Furthermore, due to our complete manufacturing autonomy, we can provide each unit totally customized to customer needs, thus perfectly suiting any industrial and architectural need, starting from engraved logos, personalized labels, and rack dimensions even with our LKG connector, providing also mains power. Our customers can also choose the power supply between 110/240V a. c. and 12V d. c. Furthermore, to provide the most ergonomic placement for every application, we can also mount some connectors in rear panel, still leaving the status LEDs on front panel.


The customization of our HW solutions, leads to an unbelievable flexibility of use, making easier the work in many professional fields where audio and video merge, like broadcasting, live and studio recordings, theatres, performances, events, sports, etc. as well as control and Ethernet signals.
Since we’re aware that in these demanding situations an incident could happen, we provide the unit with customized factory preset, allowing easy and fast configuration recall, without wasting precious time to recall all the parameters.
To achieve the very high bandwidth needed for most demanding application, our systems allows also “link aggregation” using more aggregated ports to obtain an higher flux speed up to 10Gb, of course for these demanding applications, our fine fiber optical cable is the perfect solution.


We designed our RSW solutions to provide our customer the total control over the network, for this reason we utilize the versatile managed switches instead of the smart-managed or the un-managed switches. The above mentioned customized factory preset for each requested solution, can be modified by the user using the needed web-browser. In fact, starting from the factory preset the user can modify it and store it in any unit connected to the network. The unit keeps in memory last modified parameters values.